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  • Demonstrators near Bethlehem on the West Bank

    Activists in 54 cities in six continents take action for a global parliament

    * As UN democratic legitimacy shattered – people take to the streets in 27 countries. 1000 Parliamentarians worldwide as well as UN Independent expert on the subject Alfred de Zayas call for a World Parliamentary Assembly. * 7 days of demonstrations, banner actions and flashmobs […]

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  • Becky Luff and Oded Gilad make their opinion clear: world parliament now

    Imagining global democracy

    An interesting discussion last night about the idea of a world parliament.  If democracy is a fundamental principle of how government should take decisions, which this website thinks it is, and if government decisions are now effectively being taken at the global level, which is […]

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  • Global democracy now!

    Democracy Without Borders – What Might This Look Like? (24 October 2013)

    We have many global problems – from the wrecking of our life-supporting ecosystems to the failure to protect human rights, a lack of regulation of global markets and financial systems, and increasing socio-economic inequalities. But who is accountable for dealing with these problems from a […]

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  • unpacampaignlogo

    International Meeting on a UN Parliamentary Assembly 2013 (16-17 October 2013)

    Organized by the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly in collaboration with the Union of European Federalists Hosted in the European Parliament in Brussels by the Members of the European Parliament Jo Leinen, Graham Watson, Elmar Brok, and Isabella Lövin For more information, click here […]

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  • Daniel Hannan MEP (picture Bastin)

    Any institution needs its critics

    In the furore about reported failings in the National Health Service recently, Daniel Hannan MEP remarked that: Any organisation that is treated as being beyond reproach is bound in time to become flabby, self-serving and producer-centred. It happened to the mega-charities. It happened to the […]

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  • Emily_Davison

    Emily Davison – a tribute

    It was 100 years ago that suffragette campaigner Emily Davison ran among the horses at the Epsom Derby in protest that women did not have the right to vote.  She fell under the King’s horse and was killed. In 1928, just 15 years later, women […]

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  • Fernando Iglesias (picture Matiaswww / Wikimedia Commons)

    Manifesto for a global democracy (27 June 2012)

    Wednesday, 27 June 2012, 18:30 until 20:00 LSE, Clement House 2.02, click here for a map Daniele Archibugi, Noam Chomsky, Richard Falk, David Held, Fernando Iglesias, Lucio Levi, Giacomo Marramao, George Monbiot, Heikki Patomäki, Mary Kaldor, Saskia Sassen, Richard Sennet, Vandana Shiva and Andy Strauss […]

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  • Moisés Naím (picture

    The next head of the World Bank

    The World Bank needs a new manager.  Robert Zoellick is leaving, so the search is on for a replacement.  Tradition has it that the role is always filled by an American (the Europeans have the IMF) but, as a surf of this website will reveal, […]

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  • Richard Laming, sceptical as hell

    Is the time right for a new world order?

    The answer to the question in the title of this talk is of course, yes, the time is right, but I think you would like to hear a little more from me than that. I am here as chair of Federal Union which was founded […]

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  • The Occupy London protest (picture Richard Symonds)

    The case for global democracy

    Based on a talk by Richard Laming at the OccupyLSX camp at St Paul’s Cathedral, 11 December 2011 Before talking about the issue of global democracy, I ought to say a few words about Federal Union and its interest in this issue. Federal Union was founded […]

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