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    Would an independent Scotland keep the pound?

    Alex Salmond used to be a strong advocate of joining the euro.  Back in the days when many people thought it was a good idea, Mr Salmond was one of the foremost proponents of the idea.  It was an economically advantageous move that would cement […]

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  • Citizens’ Dialogue (10 February 2014)

    Citizens’ Dialogue (10 February 2014)

     On 10 February 2014 the Vice-President of the European Commission, Vivianne Reding, will attend a Citizens’ Dialogue event in Central London. This town-hall style event provides an opportunity to come and have your say about what you want the European Union to be doing for […]

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  • Real UK GDP per capita, comparing different recessions

    Kick the bastards out

    Tim Montgomerie in The Times (£) claims there is a democratic case for leaving the EU, on the grounds that: I want us to be a self-governing nation that can “kick the bastards out” whenever our rulers fail to deliver. But were Britain to be […]

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    The EU, Eurozone and Britain – the calm before the storm? (10 December 2013)

    Speakers: Janis Emmanouilidis, Director of Studies, European Policy Centre Megan Green, Chief Economist, Maverick Intelligence Mats Persson, Director, Open Europe Dominic Raab, Conservative Member of Parliament, and member of the Fresh Start Project Gareth Thomas, Labour Co-op Member of Parliament and shadow Europe Minister Olaf […]

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  • Wolfgang Schäuble (pciture Wolfgang Schäuble)

    The eurozone is out of recession

    A notable claim in the article by Wolfgang Schäuble last week, that the eurozone is on the road to recovery, was that the eurozone is now of out recession.  This one of those statements that is true but meaningless. The fundamental problem to be solved […]

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  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel (picture Rudolf Simon)

    Now that the Germans have had their election, can we now please fix the euro?

    It has been a persistent theme of politics in Europe over the last few years: wait until after the German elections.  Want to renegotiate the terms of the Greek bailout?  Make further moves towards a fiscal union?  Even, as the joke goes, the small boy […]

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  • electoralrebellionlandscape

    Democracy and prosperity in the German elections

    A shocking article by Wolfgang Schäuble in the Financial Times claims that “Europe is being fixed”.  (Read it here.)  Germany’s finance minister claims that the European economy is on the mend, with “a well-calibrated mix of incentives and solidarity to cushion the pain”. He points […]

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  • The Eurozone’s Path to a
Federalist Future, by Alan Lamond

    Europe’s future is a federalist one

    The Federal Trust has launched a pamphlet by Alan Lamond, a former senior UN official specializing in trade matters, entitled “The Eurozone’s Path to a Federalist Future“. In it, the author argues that the future of European monetary union is and can only be a […]

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  • Andrew Duff MEP (speaking), Brendan Donnelly in the chair

    Does Europe need a new treaty?

    A talk last night by Andrew Duff MEP, president of the UEF and author of a recent paper, “On governing Europe”, in which he outlined the need for and route towards a new European treaty. (Read the paper here.)  The present EU institutions are incapable […]

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  • Barack Obama

    Federal Union review of 2012

    The most important outcome of the past 12 months is that the eurozone survived.  The world was poised on the edge of a financial precipice at the beginning of last year; it did not fall in during its course.  But it is still on the […]

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