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Must Britain leave the EU?

The Federal Union committee met on 26 September, for the first time after the referendum on 23 June, to take stock.  The result of the vote had been a shock, but not perhaps not a surprise, and the passage of British politics since had been […]

John Pinder: Inspirer of the Young

Richard Laming, chair of Federal Union, spoke at the memorial service for John Pinder on 25 April 2015. I have been asked to speak on behalf of young people, which I haven’t had to do for 20 years, but I was indeed a young federalist […]


John Pinder (1924 – 2015)

John Pinder OBE was that rare thing: an intellectual leader in politics. A résumé of his career speaks for itself: after maths and economics at Cambridge – at King’s College, that of Alan Turing and Maynard Keynes – he joined up to the Royal Artillery […]

Letter supporting Ukraine

Letter supporting Ukraine By European federalist organisations 29/01/2014 We, European federalists, are deeply moved by recent events in Ukraine and express our wholehearted support for a democratic and pluralistic Ukraine, in which human rights and dignity are respected. We condemn the use of force by […]


Could the European elections choose the next Commission president?

The Federal Union committee discussed the rise of eurosceptic political parties in Europe and the prospect that they might make significant gains at the European elections in May.  Could they gain enough seats to inhibit the ability of the EP to play its proper role […]

Federal Union review of 2013

The overwhelming sensation from 2013 was that of waiting.  Important processes have started and not yet concluded.  There is a certain amount to be done in the meantime to shape them.  But above all, we are waiting. David Cameron promised, in the summer of 2012, […]

Activists in 54 cities in six continents take action for a global parliament

* As UN democratic legitimacy shattered – people take to the streets in 27 countries. 1000 Parliamentarians worldwide as well as UN Independent expert on the subject Alfred de Zayas call for a World Parliamentary Assembly. * 7 days of demonstrations, banner actions and flashmobs […]

After the German elections

The Federal Union committee discussed the prospects for reform of the eurozone institutions and policies now that the German elections have taken place.  Much useful discussion was suspended pending the voting: that has now happened and Mrs Merkel will continue as chancellor. With whom, is […]

75 years since Munich

Today is the 75th anniversary of the Munich agreement, when British prime minister Neville Chamberlain and his French opposite number Eduoard Daladier met German dictator Adolf Hitler and Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini to settle the fate of Czechoslovakia.  Chamberlain thought he had come away […]


Election of new Federal Union officers

The Federal Union AGM was held on Tuesday 10 September – read a report of the speech on the future of American foreign policy given by Professor Stephen Haseler here. The election of the officers of Federal Union will take place at the next meeting […]